Becoming a pharmacist can not be improvised!
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The pharmacist is not a cold and distant trader, mastering obscure scientific knowledge, making potions and distributing remedies under the guise of apothecary secrets.

Today, in addition to the requirement to be a seasoned scientist with a solid background after 5 years of university, being a pharmacist requires many skills that are not always acquired on university benches.

He is also asked to have very high human and psychological qualities because his work requires him to have excellent listening, analysis and counseling skills. he must demonstrate communication skills, be a good psychologist and an excellent pedagogue. More than just a health product advisor, he is a real coach to monitor your treatments and your health care.

Then he must be a good manager. Director of Human Resources working with a team and employees. Efficient financial and economic manager with regard to the current requirements of social security and who ensures the financial equilibrium of his pharmacy.

He also manages the quality of the products he delivers and controls all the flow of goods entering or leaving his pharmacy. He is an outstanding administrator who knows all the legal aspects of pharmacy practice.

Finally, in this society in full economic, technical, scientific and human evolution, the pharmacist must have a great capacity of adaptation to cope every day with a constantly changing environment and renew his knowledge to stay at the top of his art and you provide the best pharmaceutical care.